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​Dr. Chris Apfel is the President and CEO of SageMedic Corporation.  A couple of years ago, several of his family members were touched by cancer, which triggered him found SageMedic, so that it becomes possible to identify the most effective therapy for millions of cancer patients ahead of time.  Prior to starting SageMedic, he was an Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesia at UCSF, where he led the Clinical Research Core.

Dr. Apfel is recognized as an international authority on designing, conducting, and publishing high quality clinical trials with thousands of patients, changing medical practice with over 100 peer-reviewed publications. Most notably, he developed the “Apfel Score,” a standard tool that is now used in clinical practice world-wide.

Dr. Apfel is a California licensed physician with 20+ years of clinical experience in anesthesiology, critical care medicine, and emergency medicine. He received his MD and his doctoral degree in medical sciences from Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany, and his MBA from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

President & CEO

Steve Roon, MBA

Steve Roon MBA, is an accomplished sales & marketing executive with 30+ years of experience in the medical device/diagnostic industry.  Having worked at major multi-national and private start-up companies, Mr. Roon has brought numerous new products to market, has created and expanded distribution networks in over 40 countries as well as established a clinical diagnostic joint venture in China.  Recently, Mr. Roon was part of the senior management team that took Vivione Biosciences, a rapid microbial detection company, public on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange.  

Mr. Roon earned his undergraduate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and his MBA from Claremont Graduate School.  Steve Roon can be reached at

Senior Vice President

Dhruva Mishra, PhD

Dhruva Kumar Mishra, PhD, MSc, is the Director of Research & Development.  With over 50 publications in the field of cancer research, he has deep expertise in the field of immuno-oncology, primary cell culture, functional profiling and data analysis, and he is known for the development of a 4D lung cancer model at the Houston Methodist Hospital. 

Dhruva holds a PhD in molecular biology and cancer genetics from the SGPGIMS, Lucknow, India and an MSc in molecular biology and biotechnology from the GB Pant University, India.  He can be reached at 

Director of R&D

Jennifer Moy, MS

Jennifer Moy, MS, is a biomedical engineer and lab manager of SageMedic.  She has significant expertise in the field of tissue culture, flow cytometry, circuit design, and microfluidics.  Jennifer is involved in multiple functions, ranging from tissue processing, confocal microscopy, image analysis, lab automation and quality management. 

Jennifer holds an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Stanford University. 

Biomedical Engineer

Juliana Baratta, MS

Juliana Baratta, MS, Clinical Outcomes Researcher at SageMedic.  

Juliana has significant experience as a research coordinator and in the field of precision health and is an integral part of SageMedic's clinical trial program. 

Juliana holds an MS in Community Health and Prevention Research from Stanford University and a BA in Cell Biology from Dartmouth College. 

Clinical Outcomes Research

​Dr. Chris Apfel is the Chairman of the Board and the Founder, President & CEO of SageMedic Corp. 

Chris and his wife Dr. Brigitte Apfel, MD, provided significant initial funding and assembled a core team, which was instrumental to develop the core technology.  Chris is an investor in a number of other life-science company, including Mission Bio, is the chair of the life science committee at the Keiretsu Forum in Northern California and also serves on Board of Directors of the HouseCheck Corporation. 

He received his MD and his doctoral degree in medical sciences from Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Germany, and his MBA from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Chairman of the Board

William Werkmeister, MPA, MBA

William Werkmeister, MPA, MBA is a Board Director of SageMedic. 

Bill is a Founding Partner of the International Cancer Impact Fund, as well as a member of the Advisory Board of the National Foundation for Cancer Research. Bill also co-founded a mobile breast tomosynthesis business and founded a series of state-subsidized impact venture funds called Aegis Venture as well as serving as AVP of Newtek/The Wilshire Group’s venture funds. Earlier in his career, Bill was an investment banker at Salomon Smith Barney and Citigroup Global Markets. Bill holds a BS in finance from Cornell, an MPA from Harvard, and an MBA from Yale.

Director of the Board

Bernard C. Rudnick became a Board Member for SageMedic in January of 2018. Mr. Rudnick is the founder and Managing Partner of CapGenic Advisors, LLC, Chief Business Officer of NovoBioPharma, and a member of several angel groups. Mr. Rudnick’s entrepreneurial career includes a number of startups, three of which grew to over $60 million in revenue. He is a founder of one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurial programs (MADV) at the Fox School of Business, a director of Otosound, director and CFO of Immunomic Therapeutics, and has held a number of other board positions.


With 36 years of experience in executive-level strategy, finance, and management, Mr. Rudnick has senior merger, acquisition, capital formation and licensing leadership experience with companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 50. Mr. Rudnick currently advises companies in the clinical software, therapeutic, medical device, and in the cell line engineering areas. His advisory clients have included Mitsui (Mitrix), DuPont (Agri-chemical), McKesson Bioservices (now TMO), Kika Clinical Solutions (now MRGE) as well as a number of early stage life sciences companies. Angel group affiliations include Minority Angel Investment Network, a founder of Mid-Atlantic Bio Angels and Keiretsu Mid-Atlantic.


Board Member

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